Miami Herald: “We support Mucarsel-Powell for Congress”


“One year ago, millions of women from Miami to Anchorage took to the streets to make a clear statement: Donald Trump did not represent their values, and they would not stay silent.

The #MeToo movement gave voice to women everywhere who have endured the daily humiliation of sexual harassment and abuse — in the media, in entertainment, in politics. The heroes of this movement are the millions of women who have stood up to say that when women speak up, we change our country’s future.

At this critical moment, we applaud the groundswell of women who have stepped up to run for office in 2018. Their ability to solve tough problems and bring people together is exactly what we need to get our country back on track. Just as important, they bring a critical perspective and experience that have been absent from the public discourse for too long.

One of these women, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, is running in Miami and represents everything we marched for in 2017. As a mother, she has raised her family, while improving healthcare access in this community. As a Latina immigrant, she has lived the American dream — we can count on her to protect all our immigrant families. That perspective is missing from our Congressional representation and is a crucial perspective for the women in Florida who are working every day to make ends meet, afford quality healthcare, and ensure that our children are prepared for the future.”

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