Miami Herald Endorses Debbie Mucarsel-Powell Over Incumbent Carlos Curbelo In Florida’s 26th District

Miami, FL – On Sunday, the Miami Herald’s Editorial Board announced its support for Democrat Debbie Mucarsel-Powell over incumbent Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo in the race for Florida’s 26th Congressional District.

“Debbie Mucarsel-Powell is the realer deal for District 26 and will advocate for its residents’ everyday interests,” the board wrote.

The editorial board members commended Debbie’s work as associate dean at the FIU Medical School, describing her as a “strong, consistent voice for a progressive push for humane and common-sense policies.” 

They also touted her support for common-sense gun reform policies like establishing universal background checks, closing the gun-show loophole and banning assault-style automatic weapons, as well as her commitment to creating a tax code that benefits working families instead of the wealthiest Americans.

In its endorsement of Mucarsel-Powell, the editorial board sharply criticized Congressman Curbelo’s record in Washington, reminding readers that Curbelo has voted with President Trump over 80% of the time on “policies that stand to do damage to his constituents.”

The board also blasted his inconsistent positions on gun reform and his votes to take away health care from over 100,000 people in the district. “(Mucarsel-Powell) understands that the healthcare program should be improved, not repealed,” the board wrote.

Additionally, the board members criticized Curbelo’s ineffectiveness when it came to protecting immigrants and passing a clean DREAM Act. In the end, they said, voters in Florida’s 26th Congressional District deserve a new voice in Congress: “…at a time when the Affordable Care Act remains on Republicans’ hit list, immigration reform is on life support and income inequality plagues this community, Curbelo’s efforts have not been good enough.”

With only three weeks to go before the election, Mucarsel-Powell has been aggressively working to show the clear contrast between herself and Curbelo. Several polls have shown her gaining ground against her opponent.