Climate Hawks Vote Endorses Debbie Mucarsel-Powell

Miami, FL – Climate Hawks Vote, a national grassroots organization that advocates for environmental champions who will advance policies to address climate change, has endorsed Debbie Mucarsel-Powell for the 2018 election.

“The world is warming faster than Republicans are warming up to believing in climate change,” said RL Miller, president of Climate Hawks Vote. “The ice sheets can’t wait for Republicans to come around to accepting basic science, then debating possible solutions, and only then begin to discuss the possibility of a bipartisan bill. We have to vote them out instead.

“Carlos Curbelo tries to have it both ways. He introduced a carbon tax bill, HR 6463, which has attracted a grand total of two cosponsors. He stands up against oil drilling off the Florida coast–but he’s voted for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He’s happy to accept oil money–$10,000 each from Exxon and Chevron, $5,000 each from Valero and Marathon Petroleum, $1,000 each from American Petroleum Institute and American Gas Association, in 2017-18 alone.

“Curbelo is just another climate peacock, strutting and squawking and then voting with Donald Trump 83 percent of the time,” Miller added.

Mucarsel-Powell, who previously worked at the Coral Restoration Foundation, made a pledge not to take money from the fossil fuel industry for her congressional campaign. She has also rejected the money of U.S. Sugar, which earned her the endorsement of the local grassroots group Bullsugar.

“As we move into the next stage in the urgent fight against climate change, I am honored to stand with Climate Hawks Vote and the members of my community who demand less empty talk and more concrete action to protect our coasts and our environment,” Mucarsel-Powell said.